James Fella


JAMES FELLA - "Small Rooms" LP lathe (not on label).
JAMES FELLA & GABRIELLA ISAAC - "Performances" LP (Gilgongo Records).
SOFT SHOULDER - "Real Good (Sorry We Opened It)" 7" stereo lathe (Deliberate Indifference).
SOFT SHOULDER - "Smile Building's Exit" LP (Gilgongo).
SOFT SHOULDER - "Full (Coarse)" 7" single-sided stereo lathe (Deliberate Indifference).
SOFT SHOULDER - "It's All A Small World After" LP (Gilgongo).

DISCOGRAPHY (solo, followed by Soft Shoulder, followed by misc):

JAMES FELLA & GABRIELLA ISAAC - "CCTK Music" LP (Gilgongo Records).
JAMES FELLA - "Cautious Collapse" 8" lathe (Weird Machine).
JAMES FELLA + STEVE JANSEN + STEVE ZIMMERMAN - "Full Names, Alphabetical Order (Title)" LP (Alien Summer / That's Cool).
JAMES FELLA - "Printed Matter Issue #3" CD and print set (Deliberate Indifference).
JAMES FELLA - "Printed Matter Issue #2 January 2019" CD and print set (Alien Summer).
JAMES FELLA - "Condensed Rupture" LP (Gilgongo / Unhinged).
JAMES FELLA + STEVE JANSEN / TOM TOM THRASHER & THE HORSETAPES "Widens the Rupture b/w Horse Race" cassette (That's Cool).
JAMES FELLA - "Note and Boundary" 6" lathe (Alien Summer).
JAMES FELLA - "Inactive Parts" LP (Weird Machine).
JAMES FELLA - "Inactive Parts and Portion" CD (Weird Machine).
JAMES FELLA - "Incident Report" cassette (Torn Light).
JAMES FELLA - "Expanding Gap" CD (Weird Machine).
JAMES FELLA - "Trellis" CD (Alien Summer).
JAMES FELLA - "See Tall Palm" CD (Deliberate Indifference).
JAMES FELLA + FILTHY GRIN - 7" (Gilgongo).
JAMES FELLA - "Bridgewater 1989" 7" lathe (Deliberate Indifference).
JAMES FELLA - "Printed Matter Issue #1 April 2015" art zine + CD (Alien Summer).
JAMES FELLA - "Inactive Parts" 2xLP acetate (Weird Machine).
JAMES FELLA - "Giveaway Piles" cassette (Deliberate Indifference).
JAMES FELLA - "Crowded Aisle" - 10" lathe (Weird Machine).
JAMES FELLA + CHRISTIAN MICHAEL FILARDO - "Avocado Goth" 7" lathe (Alien Summer).
JAMES FELLA - "Weak Left Input" LP (Gilgongo).
JAMES FELLA - "Giveaway Pile" LP lathe + 2xC90 + zine (Gilgongo).
JAMES FELLA - "Weak Left Input" CD (Gilgongo).
JAMES FELLA - "Inexplicable Confetti" cassette (Holy Page).
JAMES FELLA + STEVE JANSEN + STEVE ZIMMERMAN - "Trash Jazz" 7" (That's Cool / That's Not Cool).
JAMES FELLA - "Slots / Inner Sanctum / Tusks / Desolation” (76:17) CD (Gilgongo).
JAMES FELLA / LES BEYOND - split C-20 cassette (Planet of the Tapes).
v/a - *title unknown: JAMES FELLA + FILTHY GRIN - cassette on 5nakefork.
JAMES FELLA / AHNO ZWEI - split CDr (FNS Records).
JAMES FELLA - "Weak Left Input" C-62 cassette (Gilgongo).
JAMES FELLA / TIMELOAD FOWL - split + collab LP (Gilgongo).
JAMES FELLA - "Floor Sounds for No One" C-20 cassette (905 tapes).
JAMES FELLA - "Four Sounds for Some People" CDr (Gilgongo).
JAMES FELLA - "Singular Set" cassette series (Gilgongo) *unlimited
JAMES FELLA / N.213 - split C-30 cassette (Isolated Now Waves).
JAMES FELLA - "Post / Coast" CDr (Gilgongo / C-Salt).
JAMES FELLA / FRENCH QUARTER - split Tour CDr (Gilgongo / C-Salt).
JAMES FELLA / SLEEPWALKERS LOCAL - split CDr (Gilgongo / C-Salt).
JAMES FELLA - "Haavs" cassette (Dark Surprise).
JAMES FELLA - "Lobe" C-10 cassette (Gilgongo / C-Salt).
JAMES FELLA + HELL-KITE - "5/5/08 Collaboration at Trunkspace" CDr (no label).
JAMES FELLA - "Meditation Music" CDr (Gilgongo / C-Salt).
JAMES FELLA - "Salvaged Tape" CDr (Gilgongo / C-Salt).
JAMES FELLA / BRI WHITE - split 7" (Gilgongo).
JAMES FELLA / SHIVERS - split CDr (Euro version on Tape Tektoniks).
JAMES FELLA - "5:59" lathe-cut 7" (Gilgongo).
JAMES FELLA / BRI WHITE "When Night Comes" C-10 cassette (Gilgongo / C-Salt).
JAMES FELLA - "D888" cassette (JK Tapes).
v/a - 3" CDr series w/ Haunted Castle, Tunnels, Mythical Beast, more (DNT).
JAMES FELLA - "Nomadic Sounds" C-10 cassette. (Gilgongo / C-Salt).
JAMES FELLA / SHIVERS - split CDr. (USA version on Gilgongo / C-Salt).
JAMES FELLA / TREETOPS - split CDr. (Gilgongo / C-Salt).


SOFT SHOULDER - "A Quarter Of A Twelve's On One Half Of Ten' 10" single-sided stereo lathe (Deliberate Indifference).
SOFT SHOULDER - "CMYK" 5" stereo lathe (Deliberate Indifference).
SOFT SHOULDER - "World Of Arambula" 5" stereo lathe (Alien Summer).
v/a - "A Monument To Man's Arrogance" cassette (not on label).
v/a - "Swell Maps: Deconstructed / Reconstructed - Slicing, Slabbing, Fuzzifying" cassette (Industrial Coast).
SOFT SHOULDER - "Left Over, Table Top" 5" stereo lathe (Alien Summer).
SOFT SHOULDER - "Decaying Path b/w Now Wait For Last Year" 5" stereo lathe (Alien Summer).
SOFT SHOULDER - "Formerly On Fluorescent Paper" LP/CDr (Gilgongo).
SOFT SHOULDER - "Copy Machine Fall Down" 7" (Gilgongo).
v/a - "Comp For A Cause' double cassette (Related Records).
SOFT SHOULDER - "Gerber Meltdown n/t FF and Backwards" 7" lathe (Weird Machine).
SOFT SHOULDER - "Not the New One" LP (Gilgongo).
SOFT SHOULDER - "Contextual Depreciation" LP (Gilgongo).
SOFT SHOULDER - "Aerosol Can Stand" 7" (Gilgongo).
SOFT SHOULDER - "Songs and Intermissions" LP (Gilgongo).
SOFT SHOULDER - "Repeat #4 aka Desert Plants and Scooter in Carport" LP (Alien Summer).
SOFT SHOULDER - "Nitro & Smasho Sound System" 10" lathe (Deliberate Indifference).
SOFT SHOULDER - "Collection Volume One" CD (Gilgongo).
SOFT SHOULDER / BUTTER KNIFES - split 7" (Gilgongo).
SOFT SHOULDER - "No Draw" LP (Gilgongo).
SOFT SHOULDER - "Von Guts" (Deliberate Indifference).
SOFT SHOULDER - "Fabric" (Alien Summer).
SOFT SHOULDER - "Stairs" (Weird Machine).
SOFT SHOULDER / SHEARING PINX - split 5" lathe (Gilgongo).
v/a - "TAGO 24" cassette (Tagobella).
SOFT SHOULDER - "Repeat #2" b/w "Repeat #2 (DUB)" C-15 (Holy Page).
SOFT SHOULDER - "Repeat #2" 7" lathe (Gilgongo).
SOFT SHOULDER - "Von Guts VG- mix" C-Recycled (C-Salt).
v/a - "This Is The Time For It (Songs of Katy Davidson)" - cassette (Wizards of the Ghost).
SOFT SHOULDER - "Von Guts" cassette (Effeminate).
SOFT SHOULDER -"People Problems" 7" (Gilgongo).
SOFT SHOULDER - "2006-2008" CD (Release the Bats / Gilgongo) - cancelled.
SOFT SHOULDER - "2 Song Hit Single" 7" (Gilgongo).
SOFT SHOULDER - 30 minute noise CDr on (Arbor CDr.).
SOFT SHOULDER / SHEARING PINX - split C20 (Isolated Now Waves.).
SOFT SHOULDER / BABY GECKO - split 7". (Gilgongo / Macro-Eden) split VHS w/ Shearing Pinx, Party Fowl and Lord Galvar. (DNT.).
SOFT SHOULDER / A++ - split C-30 cassette. (Not Not Fun.).
v/a "Happy Birthday DNT" compilation. (DNT.) (w/ Shearing Pinx, Pretty Thigh, Channels 3+4, Health, and many more).
SOFT SHOULDER - 3 song cassette demo. (Workout Tapes).


DETACHED OBJECTS - "Dirt Birth" 12" (Gilgongo).
DETACHED OBJECTS - "Dirt Birth" cassette (no label).
DETACHED OBJECTS - s/t LP (Gilgongo).

TENT/CITY - "Stinkweeds" CDr (Gilgongo).
v/a DEATHBOMB ARC TAPE CLUB YEAR 4 12 x cassette (Deathbomb Arc) (w/ Lucky Dragons, 16 Bitch Pile-Up, Married In Berdichev Crank Sturgeon, ect).
TENT/CITY - "Cascade Trinkets" CDr (Night People).
various unique VHS recordings (no label).
TENT/CITY / FUTURE HEAVY - split cassette (Jankey).
v/a - JK1 double cassette (JK Tapes)
TENT/CITY - s/t(?) CDr (Arbor).
TENT/CITY - "Drought" LP (Gilgongo).
v/a - 3" CDr series w/ Haunted Castle, Tunnels, Mythical Beast, more (DNT).
TENT/CITY / WIGWAM - split cassette (Not Not Fun).
TENT/CITY - "Coccoon" 3" CDr (no label).


CALEB DAILEY - "Warm Evenings, Pale Mornings: Beside You Then" LP (Alien Transistor / Moone).
JOHN WIESE - "Magnetic Stencil 3" CD (Helicopter / Troniks).
FILTHY GRIN - "NOHI" LP lathe (Gilgongo).
JOHN WIESE - "Magnetic Stencil 1" CD (Helicopter / Troniks).
BIMBOS OF THE DEATH SUN - "Bath Time" 7" lathe (self-released).
GILGONGO MARATHON SYSTEM - "Cornered Reed and Objects" 7" lathe (Weird Machine).
GILGONGO MARATHON SYSTEM - "Giant's Small Room" 10" lathe (Deliberate Indifference).
CULT OF THE BASEMENT - v/a - "TAGO 24" cassette (Tagobella).
SKIRT THE RUT - cassette (TBA).
GHOST TOWN - 7" (Gilgongo).
LEVINES - 3" CDr (no label).
FINANCIAL PANTHER - 1st demo (no label).
HEART SURGERY (Let's Go Dancing)! - CDr / cassette (no label).